Paying Your Employees Adequately is Great, But Timely Access to Pay is Equally Important

Posted - August 2, 2023

Paying your employees a fair wage is undoubtedly crucial, but have you ever considered whether your payroll schedule aligns with their financial needs? While it's important to ensure your employees are paid appropriately for their work, it's equally important to address their need for more frequent access to their earnings.

The Disconnect with Traditional Pay Cycles

Typical pay cycles, whether bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, often don't match the financial realities of employees. This timing disparity between income inflow and financial obligations can cause employees undue stress, potentially forcing them to resort to high-interest loans or accrue credit card debt.

The Rise of Earned Wage Access

Earned Wage Access (EWA) solutions, such as Spentra, allow employees to access a portion of their already earned wages before the designated payday. This is not a loan but rather a way for employees to receive their hard-earned money more flexibly, empowering them to manage their finances more effectively.

Spentra's Money Earned® Feature

Spentra's innovative Money Earned® feature addresses this timing issue. It allows employees to access up to 50% of their net earned income at any time during the pay cycle. This flexible access to wages enables employees to better align their income with their financial commitments, thereby avoiding unnecessary debt.

Beyond Regular Pay Cycles with Spentra's Payroll Disbursement Solution

Spentra's offerings go beyond providing flexible wage access. It delivers a comprehensive payroll disbursement solution that benefits both employers and employees. The Spentra Mastercard® Payroll Card offers an automated, secure means to disburse wages, reducing reliance on traditional paper checks.

What's more, with Spentra's user-friendly app, employees can easily monitor their spending, manage their finances, and access their earned wages when it suits them best. Moreover, deposits made to the Spentra Card are FDIC insured through Patriot Bank, Member FDIC, offering additional security for employees' funds.


While it's essential to provide competitive compensation, it's equally critical to consider the frequency of wage access. By offering more timely access to earned wages through Spentra's payroll disbursement solution, employers can significantly improve their employees' financial wellness, satisfaction, and productivity. The goal isn't just about paying your employees well—it's also about how and when they receive their pay.