Our Story
And Why We
Are So Proud

In 2008 we decided to create a different kind of fintech company. So of course we set up our little company where any other different Fin-Tech company would start up - Dallas, Texas! (We did say we were different)

Our objective was to create technology to bridge existing gaps in financial services and to solve problems unaddressed by existing technologies. Our platform was deployed by partners in the banking industry, retail markets and even inside of employers, bringing services directly to those who need it most, where they could access it best. For all of the technology success that we achieved, it was on behalf of others' products and not our own.

Fast forward to now and we have leveraged our experience in financial processing, multi-patented technology, user automation and our technology partnerships to create the next generation in Employee Wage Management, the Spentra Mastercard® Payroll Card.

Built from the ground up, the Spentra Solution was designed to service the wants and needs of both the employer and the employee by a team that has deep operational experience across multiple industry sectors. The result is an automated solution that brings the very best from the paycard industry married with patented features that benefit employees both at and away from work. All at no cost or overhead to the employer.

As they say in Dallas, we hope “all y’all” get to know us at Spentra.

Provide Options

Spentra is an employee opt-in solution for wage disbursement without any overhead or cost to employers.