How Learning and Development Improve Company Culture

Posted - October 30, 2020

We could all use a little extra support these days, and companies are doing everything they can to do the same for their employees. From major brands offering permanent work-from-home positions to other companies encouraging professional and self-development, the best leaders know that healthy employees (both physically and mentally) are the best employees.

What companies are encouraging learning and development (L&D)? How do you go about doing the same thing at your company? Let’s take a closer look.

Companies Focusing on L&D

Professional development isn’t a new concept. Many companies have been encouraging it for decades. It’s becoming more embraced, however, than it was before COVID-19. According to a recent Forbes article, “56 percent of employers have stronger cultures of learning than before COVID-19.” Specifically, the article calls out companies like PayPal, Kellogg and Verizon. These companies are shifting gears toward empowering employees to embrace their own development by giving them the tools needed to acquire their desired skill sets. 

PayPal, in particular, names L&D as a top priority. According to the same Forbes article, “PayPal is just one company that has encouraged employees to pursue professional development as part of their remote routines. Since instituting a global work-from-home policy in March due to the pandemic, the employer has seen an increase in workers taking courses through its PayPal Online Learning Portal, with those on subjects such as adjusting to and collaborating in new working environments proving most popular.”

Ways to Encourage L&D at Your Company

So, how do you emulate companies like PayPal when it comes to learning and development for your employees? You don’t have to develop your own learning portal. Here are a few ideas to get you started within encouraging L&D at your company:

  • Education: Encourage employees to take any relevant courses or pursue certifications for skills that will enhance their role. Consider setting aside a short period of every day (or every week) for education in a format that resonates most with each individual.
  • Training: You can also host group training or team-based activities. Not only do these help with learning and development, but they also improve morale and help with chemistry among employees.
  • Financial wellness: Approximately 38 percent of employees are unprepared for short-term cash needs. By helping improve their financial wellness, you can reduce their stress and help them learn at the same time. Exploring alternative solutions like a payroll card with early access to earned wages can also help with financial wellness education.

With L&D, comes knowledge. With knowledge, comes confidence. With confidence, comes an improved ability to do your job and support everyone else at the company. At the end of the day, that’s how learning and development improves company culture.

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