The Spentra Fee Schedule, Explained

Posted - March 2, 2020

One of the benefits of Spentra is a drastically lower number of fees compared to other payroll solutions out there. You don’t have to worry about things like payday loan interest, enrollment fees, and monthly charges. When we say there are no hidden fees with Spentra, we mean it! 

That being said, there are a few (non-hidden) fees associated with the conveniences and features of this beneficial card. This post will cover all the fees you can avoid by using the Spentra payroll card and explain the few fees that are listed on the Spentra Fee Schedule

Fees the Spentra Solution Avoids

There are several fees listed on the fee schedule that have a zero dollar amount associated with them. This means that you will not be charged a fee for these items when you use the Spentra Card. Here are the fees you’ll avoid with the Spentra solution:

  • Card purchase
  • Card activation
  • Monthly usage of the card
  • Direct deposits
  • Making a purchase with the Spentra Card (signature or PIN)
  • In-network ATM withdrawals or balance inquiries
  • Customer service calls (automated or live agent)

Again, other payroll card solutions may charge for these types of fees, but you won’t have to with Spentra.

Spentra Fees You Might Encounter

Here are the fees you might see on the Spentra Fee Schedule and what they mean:

  • Out-of-network ATM usage: There is a $2.50 charge for using ATMs outside of the MoneyPass ATM Network and there is a $1 charge for balance inquiries at ATMs outside of the same network. You can avoid these fees by using an in-network ATM.
  • International card usage: There are several fees if you want to use your Spentra card outside of the United States. Expect to pay 3 percent of the total transaction for purchases, a $2.50 fee for international ATM withdrawals, a $1 fee for international ATM withdrawal declines and $1 for international ATM balance inquiries.
  • Replacing your card: Each time you need a replacement card, there is a $5.95 card replacement fee. You can also have the card delivered quickly via expedited delivery, but this is an additional $25.
  • Paper statements ($5): If you opt for paper statements instead of the convenience of viewing statements online or via the Spentra mobile app, there is a $5 charge.
  • Inactivity ($1.95): If more than a year (12 months) goes by without using your card to purchase, withdrawal or load, there will be a $1.95 fee. Use your card!
  • Money Earned feature: If you choose to use the Money Earned® feature of Spentra and access up to 50 percent of net wages earned before your paycheck, the fee is $1.00 per transaction, up to $100.00, loaded to your Spentra Card. The amount taken and the fee will appear as a deduction on your pay stub.
  • Third-party fees: There may be other fees that Spentra doesn’t charge, but you still might experience, such as third-party ATM surcharges and international currency conversions.

To learn more about getting Spentra set up at your company, contact us today.