Sometimes You Just Need $20®: Five Situations Where Pay Access Is Handy

Posted - January 30, 2020

Life is full of surprises. Like that one time, your mother-in-law showed up for the dinner party you were hosting, even though she didn’t have an invitation. Or that one time your sister’s kid decided to remodel the bathroom by drawing all over the wall with crayons. Some surprises are definitely bigger than others.

Today, however, we’ll be talking about financial surprises. Specifically, situations when a single green paperback featuring Alexander Hamilton is a welcome sight to see. But first, let’s talk about how you get there.

What Is Pay Access?

Pay access is when you get early access to your wages that you have already earned (aka same-day pay). It’s already your pay; you just don’t have to wait until payday to collect it. Spentra is the leader in pay access, providing employees with up to 50% of their net wages at time of request at no cost to the employer. It’s perfect for situations when you just need $20 or so.

Situations When Pay Access In Handy

Spentra with Money Earned helps you for all of life’s little surprises. Especially those that come with a price. Here are a few examples of situations when pay access is handy:

  1. When you would like to take on an extra shift at work, but have no money for gas or transportation.
  2. When you need to pick up a surprise medical prescription for yourself or a loved one.
  3. When there’s nothing in your fridge to eat, but payday is still a few days away.
  4. When there’s an unexpected birthday gift your child wants but forgot to mention.
  5. When you’ve run out of minutes on your phone for the month and need to top it off.

There are countless situations like this, but thanks to pay access with Spentra, you can have easy access to the money you need to handle them.

Other Benefits of Pay Access

Small funds aren’t the only benefit of Spentra, however. Pay access is great for bigger situations as well, such as unexpected medical situations, past-due rent and car accidents. After a small transaction fee, you can access up to 50% of earned net wages and handle whatever life throws your way. Other features of Spentra include:

  • No fees for employers or employees for the card
  • No monthly maintenance fees, minimum balance fees or ACH deposit fees
  • Access to an easy-to-use Spentra app and its ATM Finder
  • Easy integration with existing payroll systems

Sometimes you just need $20®… and Spentra is the easiest way to get it. Contact us today to learn more about getting Spentra at your company.