4 Examples of How Money Earned Has Improved Employees’ Quality of Life

Posted - November 30, 2020

Quality of life. It’s something many of us take for granted, yet always appreciate when it improves. As an employer, you might not realize how much your actions toward your employees can impact their quality of life. But you have more sway than you might think.

To illustrate this, we’ve gathered a few stories together to show how real employees at real companies that use Spentra with Money Earned have seen their quality of life dramatically improve recently.

  • Steve

Employees at a company that uses wage access like Money Earned have found it has been beneficial at managing day-to-day activities. This, in turn, helps them to be more focused and happier at work. Steve, for example, is an employee at a company enrolled in Money Earned. He feels a sense of security knowing that he always has access to funds in case of an emergency. He is so appreciative of his employer offering this to him as he has never had wage access at any other company before. He feels more confident about his financial wellness and experiences less stress as a result.

  • Stephanie

Stephanie was away in Mexico for a vacation and lost her wallet with her debit and credit cards in it. She left her Spentra card, however, with her passport in the safe at the hotel room. She was able to access her funds for this emergency and was so grateful she didn't have to get involved with asking family or friends to wire her money. She also had peace of mind accessing her balances and other information on the Spentra app.

  • Candice

Candice is a single mom at the same company as Stephanie. She was grateful to have the Spentra Visa Payroll Card to avoid an overcharge fee when her daughter's gymnastics studio accidentally charged her card twice! She was able to manage the funds in her account by accessing her wages early and adding sufficient funds straight into her account. Now she never worries about late or unexpected charges.

  • Amar

Amar was on his way to work one morning when he got in a fairly significant fender-bender. He didn’t have much money saved in his bank account for occasions like this, nor did he have coverage for a rental vehicle while he waited for his everyday vehicle to be fixed. Fortunately, the other driver’s insurance company covered costs for his vehicle repair and he was able to use wage access with Spentra to rent a car while he waited for repairs to be completed.


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